WIAA Wrestling
WIAA Wrestling

An Overview of WIAA Wrestling Rules

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This article may seem boring and old fashioned but absolutely necessary. It gives an overview of the WIAA wrestling rules. Even though most people hate rules, sometimes they are necessary.

The first section of WIAA wrestling rules applies to weigh-ins. For males, the weigh-ins are every day (that the weigh-ins are scheduled) at 8 a.m. For females, most likely because there may not be as many competing, have to show up on Fridays at 8 a.m. for weigh-ins. All athletes that want to participate in WIAA wrestling matches must make sure that they bring a picture identification along with them, otherwise they may be disqualified (those who misuse of I.D. passes will be prosecuted).

During weigh-ins the coaches should remain in their seats instead of congregating around the weigh-in areas where the cleaned and sanitized tournament mats are set. There is plenty of times for coaches to do their job and do it well, this happens to just not be that time. Therefore, for weigh-ins, the coaches should remain in the seats or bleacher area.

During a WIAA wrestling match, there should only be two people at the wrestling mat besides the wrestler. This includes a spokesperson, coach, or other authorized personnel present during a wrestling match.

Furthermore, if the coach has a wrestler who makes the finals that coach should show up in the specified area according to the rulebook. Along with that, for those who are eligible to participate in any scheduled parades, including cheerleaders, they need to make sure they arrive at the designated start area in time. If they don't they will miss out.

In addition to all the above requirements, those competing in WIAA wrestling matches as well as the coaches should be aware of the wrestling match guidelines. To start off with everyone should make sure they show up on time for every wrestling meet and be prepared. They should stretch beforehand and behave themselves and show respect not only for their teammates as well as their opponents.

If anyone behaves in any kind of misconduct they will be disciplined according to the WIAA wrestling rule book. All members of the WIAA wrestling team should be aware of the consequences of misbehavior and make sure they behave accordingly.

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